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Philosophy of Education

The Nativity School embraces the philosophy of education based on the multiple intelligences approach to learning. This philosophy stems from the multiple intelligence research of Dr. Howard Gardner. We each have ways in which we learn best. These nine ways of showing intelligence have been categorized through Dr. Gardner's extensive brain-based research:

* Verbal Linguistic
* Visual Spatial
* Mathematical Logical
* Body Kinesthetic
* Naturalist
* Music Rhythmic
* Existentialist
* Interpersonal
* Intrapersonal

Multiple intelligence

Each intellectual area has a specific part of the brain which is activated during the learning process. HOW a student learns is an important part of teaching. Our teachers use a multitude of learning styles and strategies that incorporate these intelligences, allowing students to learn in their most preferred way for success. Challenges are given when learning out of our preferred intelligence. These activities, though more challenging, allow the brain to grow in areas that need to be developed to have a broad-based spectrum for learning success. Stretching our brains to grow and learn in a variety of ways sets the path to motivate inquisitive and discovery based learning.

The Nativity School curriculum provides a rich and balanced education of the highest quality. Using both Diocesan and California State Common Core Standards, students at The Nativity School reap the benefits of a multi-intelligence approach to learning. At each grade level, we find a balance between essential structure and the flexibility needed to address individual learning differences and promote not only cognitive thinking but creative thinking. Time management and organization, two critical skills needed for success in school and in life, are a regular part of the teaching process in all grade levels. Instruction in the core subjects integrated with technology supported strategies and areas of learning in art, music, and physical education makes for a well-balanced and complete curriculum.

Developmental growth is essential to achieve full potential. Understanding and adhering to the developmental levels of growth throughout childhood and adolescence are paramount to educational success. The Nativity School guides and assists students in achieving age-appropriate mastery of curriculum content and academic learning skills, high-level cognitive and creative thinking skills, and the habits of becoming an inquisitive and independent learner.


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